When you were planning your wedding you probably had a small list of things to do when you arrived home from your honeymoon. Most likely the task of writing your “Thank You” notes is on that wedding planning checklist. However, writing “Thank You” notes is not required throughout our lifetimes as it once was, so many brides and grooms have no idea how to put together a simple note acknowledging the gifts they received at their wedding.

Here is some helpful insight on how to write a simple “Thank You” note:

Handwrite Your Thank You Note

Some people don’t mind a “Thank You” e-mail or phone call, but most expect something handwritten. It will come across as polite and memorable if you handwrite your “Thank You” notes. It will be more time consuming though. However, good penmanship is always appreciated. If your handwriting is horrendous, consider typing your notes and adding your signature.

Keep It Timely

Waiting weeks to send your “Thank You” notes is too long. Don’t procrastinate. Use your free time to jot notes here and there. Your honeymoon flight is a great time for both of you to write out those notes.

Keep It Short

There is no need to write a book about how grateful you both are for the coffeepot Aunt Marge bough you. Just a few sentences telling her how happy you were to see her at the wedding and how thoughtful the coffeepot was will be enough to satisfy any guest at your wedding.

Keep It Personal

While your Thank You note should be short, it should also be personal. Make sure you identify the gift you were given and use the guest’s name. You can also add a personal memory or note that makes it more memorable. Adding a personal touch is especially important if you are typing your notes, as it prevents the guest from feeling like they received a “form letter” response.