The new trend of unplugged weddings was not started to help your guests be present during the most important day of your life (although it is an awesome bonus!), it was to make sure the thousands of pounds you spent on your wedding photographer wasn’t just to get good pictures of uncle Geoff with his red ipad at eye level in front of everyone.

Having a well-intentioned guest (or uncle Geoff and his ipad) stepping in the middle of the aisle to get that first kiss shot, and by doing so getting right in front of your photographer is not something you want to ruin your beautiful memories (and yes, who hasn’t seen uncle Geoff at a wedding?).

There is also the added stress of social media, if a friend takes a phone pic of you in your dress and posts it to Facebook will that end up being the way your fiance sees you for the first time on your wedding day?

These days it is completely acceptable to ask your guests to join you for an unplugged wedding! This can be done in a number of beautiful and crafty ways (and thanks to Pinterest you can see all of them!) but one of the most simple, non-offensive signs I have seen read:

There’s a gal taking pictures…we asked her to come. So please rest your cameras, our ceremony needs only one.

The Newlyweds