How to pick your wedding videography style?

Wedding films are one of the most important things that you will keep from your wedding day. They capture all those moments that you didn’t see, or even some of the ones you did! There are so many different styles out there today. And if you don’t know where to start or what you want, it can be very hard to choose the right style for your film.

With so many styles out there today, which one should you go for? Here are some suggestions for different types of styles and what they mean for you!

Different wedding videography styles and what they are

Let’s start with the term “style”. When it comes to wedding films there is an enormous range of styles and even sub-styles. How do we define it? Well, I would say that “style” is a descriptive word for the choices that we make for our visual storytelling. These choices can come in many forms and will often reflect the person who is creating it and also the people being filmed as well.


This is the style that most brides are looking for when they dream of their wedding video. Cinematic is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but in its purest form, it has more in common with a feature film than your typical wedding video. It aims to give your wedding film a cinematic look similar to the one often seen in movies. It’s all about the storytelling and creating an emotional experience for you and your viewers. Think more soft lighting and intimate moments as opposed to bright, flashy shots.

Here is an example of a cinematic wedding showreel by Highlander Wedding Videographer in Yorkshire.

Short film or highlights video

Short form videos, also known as highlights, are just what they sound like: shorter videos! They’re usually between two and five minutes long and tend to focus on telling your love story in a concise way. These kinds of videos are great if you want something quick, easy and to the point.

A highlight reel is usually what most people think of when they hear the word “wedding video”. It’s designed to show off all the key moments of your wedding day in roughly 3-5 minutes. It’s an excellent way for people to see your big day if they weren’t able to attend and it’s also a great way to share your special day with family and friends on Facebook or Instagram!


Traditional wedding videos have been around forever. The traditional style is perfect if you want a classic video that captures every moment of your day from start to finish – speeches, first dance, cake cutting etc. If you’re having a longer wedding ceremony with several readings then this may be the best option for you as well!

Documentary style wedding video

This style is perfect if you want a video that feels as if you’re watching a movie about your own wedding day. It’s like a piece of art that tells the story of your day in a non-linear way and focuses on the emotions, details and candid moments from the day.

Here is an example of a documentary style wedding film by John Sebag.


Storytelling wedding videography is one of the most popular styles of wedding film at the moment. It’s all about capturing candid moments, rather than setting up and directing every shot.

The best storytelling films capture the essence of the wedding, not just what happened but how it felt to be there. They focus on the emotions and atmosphere of the day more than the action. The couple are the stars, with their guests playing supporting roles to produce a cast of characters.


Vintage wedding videography is a good idea if you want to give your wedding day the feel of a classic Hollywood film or want to emulate a certain film effect from some time before.

The main focus of vintage-style wedding videography is to capture the drama and intensity of your special day and to make it feel like it was shot decades ago.. 

This style has become increasingly popular, as more couples are turning away from the traditional romantic style of video to something a little more unique. If you want your wedding film to have the 80s or the 90s vibe then vintage is the way to go.