Sharing your big day with the people you love is all part of what makes your wedding day so special, but what about those who can’t make it, how do you share your big day with them?

Almost everyone has a video of their wedding. To get the best possible wedding video means hiring professional videographers who know how to film and equally as important know how to edit all the footage into one memorable video. It’s important to understand what is involved and required when shooting a wedding video.

Do you need a second videographer?

Without a doubt you want 2 videographers, one with brides party and one with the grooms party while they are preparing for the wedding itself. This footage shows the general preparation of both parties, which would not be possible with one videographer. It is important to ensure some basics, you want to 2 videographers, this ensures as much footage as possible can be captured, a glide is not essential but will definitely add a nice touch for footage used with it.

What type of wedding film do you need?

There are a few types of wedding films and it’s important you choose the one you like the most.

Whilst videographers will be as unobtrusive as possible they do need to place themselves in the prime spots for certain shoots such as the wedding ceremony and this must be respected in order to get the best footage (which you will have forever). You may notice in high quality wedding videography, shots that appear to be taken at the same level, in these cases the videographer will be using what is called a “glide” . A glide enables smooth shots which would be difficult to take otherwise, often glide shots add a cinematic feel to the video.

Which video package is right for you?

All videographers offer packages and in general the more the package costs the longer your finished video will be. Editing video is an art, so it is not unreasonable to expect to pay more for a longer video. In general wedding videos are between 25-45 minutes long, and expect the 45 minute version to be the most expensive.

You can get an idea of what a good selection of wedding video packages look like by visiting a couple of wedding videography websites. Always book well in advance, many wedding videographers are booked up months in advance, more so in the summer months. Once you have decided upon your wedding videographer that will be another step of preparation you can score off the list.

All packages should explain clearly what is included, if you have any particular requests, make these clear while you are enquiring, you don’t want any misunderstandings. It is common for a deposit to be paid, this is an industry norm. If you have any questions, ask these before booking, videographers will be only to happy to answer any queries you have.