Flowers are used in weddings to designate the special people in the couples life.

Bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet should be selected based on the style of your wedding dress and your proportions. The bridal bouquet shouldn’t overpower you! You’ll want to have a picture of your wedding dress with you when you go to your florist. The most popular flower for the bridal bouquet is the rose. Other popular flowers include: lilies, orchids and stephanotis. Bouquets are held together by two methods: hand wired or inserted into a plastic bouquet holder. Hand wired bouquets are less bulky and more stable.

Bridesmaids bouquets

The bridesmaids bouquets are selected to compliment their dresses and represent the wedding colors. Bridesmaids may also choose to wear fresh flowers in their hair.

Flower Girl

The flower girl usually carries a basket of flowers or rose petals to be sprinkled as she walks down the aisle.

Groom – boutonniere

The groom usually wears a boutonniere or a spray from the bridal bouquet. The boutonniere may be a rose, stephanotis or lily of the valley. Traditionally the boutonniere should always worn on the left lapel. You may want to ask your florist to pin the boutonnieres to ensure that they are placed correctly and will stay on throughout the day.


The usher’s boutonniere is usually a carnation or rose that matches the colors of the bridesmaids dresses.


The mothers of both the bride and groom usually receive a corsage that compliments their dress. The corsage may either be designed to pin on their dress or be worn on the wrist. This would depend on the style of the dress. The fathers of both parents usually receive boutonnieres that are different from those of the ushers.


Traditionally, grandparents receive corsages and boutonnieres.

Other Special Guests

You may have other guests that you want to acknowledge, as well. In the case of a second marriage, you may have children that you want to make feel special. This may easily be done with a corsage or boutonniere. You should also consider flowers for your officiant or musicians, or any special assistants, such as the guest book or gift attendant.