Wedding favors are essential for every wedding, large or small. They provide a personal ‘thank you’ to each guest that has attended your wedding and allow you and your new groom to be remembered. Often, once the wedding is over, all your guest have left are the memories created from that day, and that one special favor that you left behind.

The history of the wedding favor

Wedding favors have grown so much in popularity, they are now considered an essential part of a wedding reception. It can be hard to cover the costs of favors. Not giving a wedding favor to your guests is now considered very rude and unappreciative.

The wedding favor idea derived from upper class Europeans who believed that a wedding was a lucky occasion. A bride and groom who handed out wedding favors showed that they wanted to share their good luck with their guests. Long ago those gifts given were called Bonbonnierses, which were little boxes filled with candy, chocolates and other delicacies, something very luxurious at the time. But now with the wedding market being so competitive many brides turn to good wedding insurance to cover the costs of these.

Before wedding favors

Wedding favors were first present in upper classes long ago. There are many ideas and lots of products in today’s market. Wedding stores around the world sell billions of wedding favors to new brides.

The modern wedding favor

Modern couples are finding their inspiration for wedding favors everywhere. Some base it on personal traditions or cultures, while others prefer theme based favors. The actual gift can be either practical or ornamental, either way signifying a gesture of love towards a guest.