Wedding cakes didn’t seem to get much attention in the past. But now, you will notice guests looking forward to the bride and groom’s wedding cake armed with their SLR camera or even just a camera phone.

Wedding cakes had suddenly been one of the wedding’s highlight next to the bride’s wedding gown. Imagine that! That is how important your wedding cake is. But you don’t need to spend a fortune for your cake. You can make a wedding cake stand out with just a tiny bit of accessory. You want to know the secret?

Cake toppers

Yes, a custom wedding cake topper will surely make your wedding cake stand out. The first step is to find a reliable supplier. Find one that will not only deliver quality but good customer service too. Thankfully, there are many out there that can be trusted. You can go to their website and check out their work. It’s important to check out a supplier’s previous work so that you could have a feel of the kind of service they give.

Styling your cake topper

After choosing a reliable supplier, you are now ready to style your cake topper. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Choose a recent picture. It would be nice if you could provide a picture that really resembles you at the moment. Just send them a straight head-on photo (mug shot) and you can sit back and relax. Let them do the job.
  2. Be creative. If you first met your groom at a soccer game, why not let your cake topper wear a soccer uniform? You may reminisce your trip to Hawaii by wearing a floral Hawaiian shirt. Is your groom from the army? Is he a basketball player? Maybe you both want your cake topper casual looking. The possibility is endless.
  3. Add more fun to your cake topper. Instead of just standing up, you can opt to have the groom kneel down while holding your hand. Sitting back to back is another option. Piggy back or a newly wed carry would also be nice.

Are you excited to design your cake topper? Make sure it stands out by following our tips here.

We hope you have the best wedding cake ever and of course have a very memorable wedding day.