During the preparations for the wedding each bride tries to make sure that her outfit and image are refined in every detail. For a long time she is looking for accessories that will complement her creation – perfect jewelry, comfortable shoes and sexy underwear. 

Much earlier she is also looking for a wedding hairstyle that will fit her face shape and hair type. Currently, the most popular wedding hairstyles are those kept in a boho climate – with braids and loose hair. However, also wedding hairstyles in which we bet on updos or chignons can be light and beautiful. How to choose the perfect hairstyle for a civil or concordat wedding? 

Wedding hair extension
Bridal hair extension

Long hair can be a curse or a salvation – everything depends on whether it is thin or thick, frizzy or perfectly straight. It is worth to be aware of what kind of hair we have and choose the right hairstyle for it. With long hair we can afford a variety of wedding hairstyles, however, it should be remembered that the hairstyle should fit the dress and the whole style. If you have decided to use boho accessories, it is good to think about loose hair or a braid. However, if the whole styling is kept in glamour style, our hair will look better when we pin it into a delicate and elegant chignon or choose Hollywood waves. 

How to choose the best hairstyle for your wedding?

What to do with short hair at the wedding? Buying hairpieces or can you bet on naturalness? Of course, this is a matter that every bride must consider completely alone. Among the inspirations you can find many unusual hairstyles that look perfect on short hair. 

Before the wedding it is also worth to take care of the look of your hair – cut the split ends, use conditioners that will make your hair shine and make it look beautiful. A trusted hairdresser should advise us what preparations to use and what wedding hairstyle will be suitable for our face shape or chosen wedding dress. 
Civil wedding or concordat wedding? An intimate dinner or a wedding with a ritual? These questions are worth answering before deciding whether to pin your hair up or leave it down. 
Ladies who have curly hair are in a privileged position because there is no fear that their curly hair will straighten up. This is why if we have longer, straight hair and would like it to be curly, it is worth betting on a gentle updo to support the waves. 

Match your hairstyle to your dress

The choice of the wedding hairstyle is extremely subjective, so it is also worth asking ourselves whether we like the veil more in a bun and placed low on the neck, or maybe the veil placed on the hair loose. Additionally, brides more and more often choose two veils: long for church and short for the room. In this case, the hairstyle should be chosen so that it is suitable for both of them. How to check it? For one of the last try on a trial hairstyle and try on the veils. 

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