When you consider there are millions of weddings per year around the globe, you can see how the impact they have on the earth is significant. The good news is you have an opportunity to make a difference as you plan your dream green wedding!

There are many reasons why a sustainable, eco wedding is a good idea:

  • Save energy, conserve resources and decrease carbon emissions.
  • Reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint. Click here to calculate your wedding carbon footprint.
  • Limit waste produced by traditional weddings.
  • Educate and inspire others to make greener choices.
  • Champion green businesses.
  • Support charitable organizations.
  • Make a difference with one green wedding—yours!
  • Have the wedding of your dreams, while sharing your green values with your friends and family.What could be more memorable and special?

Green Choices for an Eco-elegant & Sustainable Wedding

The great thing about planning a green wedding is you can make a few eco-friendly choices, or you can go all out and “green” all aspects of your wedding. Either way, you are making a big difference on your big day!

  • Invitations and stationery—Choose from tree free papers, letterpress, 100% PCW recycled paper, seeded invitations, and look for vegetable or soy-based inks.
  • Green wedding favors—Look for tree favors that your guests can plant in your honor. Seeded wedding favors are a beautiful and renewable option. Bamboo favors are symbolic of good luck, and are good for the earth!
  • Green decorations—Create a romantic setting with candles that are made from natural soy or natural beeswax. Avoid using paraffin candles as they are made from petroleum (which can increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere).
  • Fair trade wedding gifts & jewelry—When you are considering gifts for the wedding party and special guests, look for Fair Trade organizations that provide fair wages and create safer working conditions for people in developing countries. Encourage your guests to do the same!
  • Organic beauty products—Treat yourself and your bridesmaids to organic bath and body products.
  • Think local—Pick a location that is close to home to save on carbon emissions. Try to have your ceremony and reception at the same location to avoid additional transportation requirements and to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Green cuisine—Look for local, eco-conscious caterers who offer organic menus, and use locally-grown foods from local farmers. Ask them to deliver the leftovers to a charity.
  • Love in full bloom—Avoid flowers that are imported, as they are generally grown with toxic chemicals and pesticides. Insist on locally grown flowers that are in season, and/or organically grown flowers.
  • Wearing green—You can find beautiful vintage wedding dresses, or new wedding dresses made from organic materials such as recycled cotton or silk.
  • Arrive in green style—Consider renting a FlexFuel vehicle or hybrid. They have become more widely available at national rental companies. Ask about a carbon offset program!
  • Support green businesses—Look for vendors who are environmentally and socially responsible. Support these green wedding suppliers whenever possible.