A lot of couples are nervous about this, so the first thing to say its it is perfectly understandable and very common. Lets face it most of us are not professional models who feel perfectly comfortable having a very large (and possible two very large) camera aimed at them. So any professional photographer worth their salt will be very understanding about your nerves and do their best to put you at ease – and if they don’t, then run a mile!

There are lots of articles in magazines and on the internet that talk about the right way to pose etc, but that is not what we are going to talk about. Quite frankly we think you have got enough to think about on your wedding to worry about posing.

That is why a lot of professionals take documentary approach to their wedding photography, so that on the whole you don’t need to think about it at all.

How to get relaxed in front of the camera on your wedding day

What we do have is these 6 tips for you to consider as you plan your day.

1. Choose the right photographer for you

It’s all about trust – your photographer is the one person that will be with you all day, in fact you are going to see more of them than your intended, so it’s important to get the right one for you and your wedding. There are hundreds of suppliers to choose from and there is someone who will suit you. Look at their style, meet them face to face and chose someone that you like and feel comfortable with. Read this post to find out more about how to choose your wedding photographer.

2. Get to know them

One you have chosen your photographer then take every opportunity to get to know them better. See if they are genuinely interested in your wedding and love to hear how your plans are progressing. Apart from the engagement shoot can they do a venue visit and agree a schedule with you, both are good opportunities to meet up over coffee and cake! If you see a photographer at a fair or other event, do approach them and ask questions. Follow them on facebook, twitter or pinterest – most photographers will share photos, blogs and articles that will keep you up to date with their work and possibly even some ideas.

You can also pick their brains about your own wedding plans. Remember they see lots of weddings and meet lots of suppliers so you can always ask them for advice and recommendations.

3. Do a pre-wedding shoot

This is one of the best ways to get to know your photographer better and vice-versa. We think it is enormously helpful as it enables your photographer to see how you are in front of a camera, what you do and don’t like and what bits of yourself you are self conscious about. Prepare to spend a couple of hours together at a location that means something to you as a couple, bring your dog or your children if you have any. The added benefit of this is that you will also have some images that you can use for a signing board or thank you cards.

4. Make a schedule

It’s a good idea to have a schedule of your day that builds in specific time for your photographs. If there are certain groups or posed pictures that you want, time needs to be set aside for these. Things to consider are

  • What groups you really want? Remember each posed group pictures can take up to 10 minutes, so these can quickly eat into your day. Make a list of the groups that you want and give it to your photographer in advance.
  • Have a 15 minute couple shoot. This takes you away from your guests completely and gives you a few quiet minutes together. This is when you can get those lovely close- up portraits of you together.
  • Think about a first look. A popular wedding trend that started in the USA and spreading globally. This is a very brief meeting when you and your fiancé see each other for the first time. It happens just before the wedding and it gives you 5 minutes to say hello before you go through your ceremony.

5. Ignore your wedding photographer

On the day forget we are there and concentrate on yourself, your partner, your family and friends. A lot of professionals say that the best compliment for them is when guests say that they didn’t even notice they were there!

6. Relax and enjoy yourself

You have thought and planned for the day and the most important thing is that you enjoy every minute. It’s important that on your wedding day you will feel relaxed enough to ignore the camera pointing at you and enjoy your day. Make sure you feel confident as well with your makeup and what you’re wearing as well. A good makeup could be a great confidence booster. If you want to learn more then please check these few bridal makeup tips from a film director and a professional model.


Even the most nervous bride or groom gets caught up in the day and forgets or gets used to the cameras. In fact you will probably feel so great you will want your photo taken and remember, a good photographer will only show you the good pictures.