So you have one bridesmaid who wants to show off her curvy figure, but one that refuses to bare her shoulders… how do you please everyone? Don’t fear! This guide will show you how to keep all your girls happy – but most importantly you! We have broken down this popular trend into seven different ways to master the mismatched bridesmaid dress.

  1. Stay with the same color, but use different dresses
    It is hard to go wrong with this classic look – but do be careful. Choosing one color, but allowing your bridesmaids to wear different dresses, gives them the option to fit their body type and feel comfortable in what they are wearing. But beware, double check that the dresses are actually the same color before the wedding day. Occasionally, one rogue bridesmaid may accidentally buy a silver dress instead of the same color grey that everyone else chose. Coordination is key!
  2. Stay with the same dress and color, but switch up the style
    If mismatched bridesmaids make you nervous, this is your go-to. With a little searching, its easy to find one dress that can be worn in different styles. This gives bridesmaids the option of often changing the neckline or sash so they can give their own personal touch to the dress while keeping everyone streamlined.
  3. Take this trend to its max potential and have fun with colors!
    Can’t decide on one color or dress? You can have it all! Pick a color palette and let each bridesmaid have freedom in picking a dress – with your approval of course. Each girl will be excited about their pick and your bridal party will be colorful, bright, and fun!
  4. You choose a dress, they choose the color.
    So you have fallen in love with a certain dress, but not everyone wants to wear the same color. Perhaps they all have different skin tones, or one bridesmaid just refuses to wear yellow. This can be fixed by giving them a few different colors to choose from, all while sporting the same dress.
  5. Alternate between two colors
    This look is very clean-cut, but still allows for variation. Picking two colors allows you to incorporate more than just one color from your palette into your bridal party. This look is fun and colorful!
  6. Same color, different shades, different dresses
    Your bridesmaids will love you for this one. By picking different shades of the same color in different dresses, everyone is guaranteed to still coordinate and look good as a group – and look absolutely adorable. And when your bridesmaids complain that they don’t like the shoes you picked for them, you can remind them of the freedom you gave them with their dresses (trust me, they won’t be able to complain after that).
  7. Last but not least, try out ombre.
    Ombre is one of the hottest trends and is sure to make your wedding look chic and modern. The color gradient looks beautiful but doesn’t distract from the bride herself – who we all know is the most important!

So there you have it. Consider yourself a bridesmaid dress master. So go ahead, have no fear and be bold! Your bridesmaids will love you for it, and you will love the how they