While most couples have some sort of emergency management on their wedding planning list, there are some situations that the bride and groom may not think of preventing but that are quite common.

Avoid common wedding disasters

In order to be sure you have a wedding that is memorable for the right reasons, you should consider some of these wedding disasters and their preventive solutions:

Slippery Floors

Have a member of your bridal party or your wedding planner examine the floors of the venue before your guests enter. If he or she should see any grease or water on the floor, it should be cleaned up prior to letting the guests in. This way you can prevent people from slipping and falling. They should also check for anything that could cause a person to trip, like wires, cable, loose handrails, or faulty stairs.

Protect Your Wedding Gifts

Many brides and grooms spend a lot of wedding planning time on registering for gifts. Then the guests spend a lot of money buying those gifts. However, any thief can recognize where and when a wedding may be going on, and you need to protect the gifts you have been given. Some couples hire security to watch the home where the gifts are stored and the table on which the gifts are placed. Even if you do not hire security, you should still place your gifts on a table in a high traffic area where the table can be watched easily. The gifts should then be taken to a secure area after all the guests arrive.

Know First Aid & CPR

At least one member of your wedding party should know first aid and CPR in case of a medical emergency. Even if it is a minor incident, it can give you peace of mind to know that someone is able to handle the situation appropriately.

Prevent a Fire

One common disaster during a wedding is the lighting of something on fire. Most weddings involve the lighting of at least one candle. Therefore, it is important that you pay close attention to the proximity of the open flame to other items like tulle, fabric, paper, etc. As you are planning your wedding d├ęcor, you should pay close attention to the things that could end up on fire.